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Diverting December

January 2, 2024
It’s been a relatively quiet month and I believe this will be my last venture into this long-form format. [Design] Why Violins Have F‑Holes: The Science & History of the Renaissance Design [Design] Metro …

Noteworthy November

December 6, 2023
Welcome to (likely but unsure) the last version of “Vinita-dumps-her-brain-each month”. I’m trying to find a easier format to produce these things. It’s a bit strenuous rounding everything up each month. I “miss” the …

Observational October

November 5, 2023
Welcome to another edition of “Vinita-dumps-her-brain” for the month. [Aviation] As an Avgeek, this seems like basic knowlege: How Boeing names its aircraft [Aviation] Considering my team can collect data as to how many …

Scintillating September

October 6, 2023
This month was cut slightly short as I went on holiday for the second half, but still colllected some things! Also a couple of new sections at the end! [Aviation / Travel] I thought …

Alluring August

September 1, 2023
I am constantly reading a plethora of “things” trying to understand and make sense of the world around me. I used to use Twitter as a way of sharing some of the “things” that …

International Women’s Day 2023

March 10, 2023
I attended a “Women in Leadership” panel at the Powerhouse Museum sponsored by Chief Executive Women for International Women’s Day (IWD) this past week. The panel featured Kathryn Fink, Allegra Spender MP, Jillian Broadbent …

Reflections of 2021: Duality

January 1, 2022
Writing this feels like talking first thing in the morning to someone before having rehearsed your voice - it feels coarse but you know you'll get the hang of it. 2021. A repeat of …

Craft vs Hype

July 1, 2021
When we were younger, we all followed certain "fads"*. As a kid of the 90s I remember the switch from Pokemon to Digimon (and I know some never made that leap), from Digipets to …

30 lessons for 30

June 29, 2021
This is a compilation of different blog posts I’ve written over the years, reflecting on lessons learned. This was inspired by a spread in Elle magazine when Taylor Swift turned 30 a couple years …

Reflections of 2020: Being

January 24, 2021
What a year. While 2012 was predicted to be the year that changed everything, I think they might have reversed the second two numbers. It was a strange year for everyone - from COVID …

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