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UXDX 2021

I’ve been quite terrible at documenting but in an effort to archive all sketchnotes for conference, I’m starting with the UXDX APAC conference from March 2021. I’ve found sketchnoting to be an active listening tool within our virtual world, where it’s easy to open a tab and get distracted. The tactile nature of drawing + […]

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Reflections of 2021: Duality

Writing this feels like talking first thing in the morning to someone before having rehearsed your voice – it feels coarse but you know you’ll get the hang of it. 2021. A repeat of 2020? In some ways yes, in other ways not so much. While the world started to fall apart a bit less […]

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Craft vs Hype

When we were younger, we all followed certain “fads“*. As a kid of the 90s I remember the switch from Pokemon to Digimon (and I know some never made that leap), from Digipets to Giga pets, from Harry Potter to Lord of the Rings. As kids, there were things that we were all “obsessively in […]

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