Things that I’ve seen change about me since I’ve entered design/grad school

2 November 2013
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1. I dress better (or at least I'd like to think so).

2. I wear darker colors generally (yay designer stereotypes).

3. I eat better (woo off-campus lifestyle).

4. I have more intellectual conversations (yay for talking).

5. I really pay attention to the way I articulate my thoughts (not that I'm getting any better at it).

6. I listen to a lot more music / watch more TV (relative to the amount of work I have).

7. I try to make more of an attempt to find out what is going on around me in the world (again, not that I'm getting any better at it).

8. I tweet. a lot ('nough said).

9. I'm more willing to pay for more well-designed things without rethinking it.

10. I am constantly hungry or sleepy (it's the grad life curse).

11. I drink a lot more coffee and tea than I used to (yay for caffeine).

12. While I theoretically hate shoes and socks by association, I've come to have a fond liking for socks in the cold.

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