The Dribble Trickle

3 November 2013
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As the importance of design increases in the world and especially on a digital platform, the existence of sites such as Dribble and Behance also increases. While originally started to get feedback on designs and showcase work, these sites have become places of torture- both for the viewer and the designer posting their work. On Dribble in particular, I've seen wonderful designs torn down to their core (and less). While this kind of feedback is helpful at times, it seems slightly unnecessary. Then there are designers who will upload every sketch they create. I don't know whether the intention of this is to actually receive feedback or to simply show their work online. It's become a "forum for huge egos".

On the other hand, there are those that don't have a Dribble and spend hours on it looking at what other designers are doing, sometimes for inspiration, but most of the time as self-flagellation, thinking "why can't I do that?". Contrasted with those with a Dribble that don't post and only critique, acting out of a defensive mechanism of why they themselves can't create that kind of design.

There are also a sect of companies will take product shots of their new products and post them as a publicity stunt to get people (designers) interested in their products.

While I am no authority on Dribble, I don't know how to approach it. While I used to rever it as a beautiful platform for inspiration and exhibitions of designs, I am not so sure anymore. It makes me nervous to think that companies look at this "invitation-only" community for employment opportunities.

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