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4 July 2013
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So I'm lumping about 1.5 weeks together since they went by so quickly. The work picked up a little bit more over the last week as there were lots of little projects to get done but I was happy to leave for California for a break.

As I started to become more comfortable with my workspace and general work environment I learned some interesting things:

  • As I work with Adobe Suite everyday and start to gain more familiarity with it, I have complaints.
    • They need to put in the capability to use hex codes in InDesign
    • Why does merging layers in Illustrator flatten them so much
    • My colors randomly turn to their gray counterparts in Illustrator
    • When you open a new jpg in Photoshop, why is the base layer always locked?
  • Hierarchies are an important part of design. For me, I've experienced working with hierarchies though print and publication design where headings, subheadings, and captions play a major role in identifying most important to least important. In package design, the hierarchies to play with are between the product's brand, the scent, the weight declaration, and the product identification. Playing with this hierarchy is a matter of using color differentiation and text size to your advantage. Printing is an obvious constraint (opaque vs. transparent label, wrap label, 4-color process, etc.), but color accents are another way to get around that.
  • The word "premium" in package design is just another euphemism for "rich". To make something look like it's expensive or "elegant" is to make it look "premium".
  • Pantone colors are a package designer's best friend.
  • Facings refer to the number of bottles (like rows) of one product facing the customer on a shelf. More facings = better
  • Primary vs. secondary packaging: primary packaging refers to the bottle (or product) inside the box. Secondary packaging refers to the box itself. Dielines for both are the most useful things in the world.
  • Digital packaging is a thing. Still figuring out what it is.
  • Adobe Illustrator Barcode plug-ins are awesome. Barcode plug-in 🙂
  • Moire printing:
  • Within this industry, there are very subtle but important distinctions between products: skincare vs. personal care vs. sun care vs. cosmetics
  • Being a part of a marketing team really helps you gain an understanding of how important advertising is. From promotional campaigns to the placement of images for web graphics, everyone works in a team for the success of a product.

Also, last but not least. My sketchbook is my best friend.

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