Reflections of 2013

1 January 2014
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Lessons learned:

1. You can't make someone care. I don't know how scientists and psychologists study motivation.

2. To each their own. This has been a personal mantra of mine over the last couple of months. I have come to realize that each person is different. Yes I know it's not anything astounding, but when two siblings, growing up in the same environment and with the same parents can turn out so differently, then what does that say for our friends? We are lucky to find people in our lives that will support us and "understand" us. Forging a human connection is so hard. The fact that I've made so many of them makes me truly lucky.

3.  Treat yourself. Another mantra I've picked up recently. At the end of the day, it's your responsibility to take care of yourself and make sure you are happy. You are your own happiness, so why not treat yourself once in a while? Let yourself feel good.

4. Things come with time. With many of my dearest friends and family getting engaged and married, I have definitely felt the slight push of growing up. However, all things come with time and jumping the gun doesn't do any good. At the end of the day, to each their own because everyone moves through their lives at a different pace with different expectations and goals.

5. Stop being overly critical. As a designer, it's my job to be critical of everything around me. But sometimes I think maybe my  capabilities seep into my personal life and cause me to be too judgmental of those around me. Thus, I need to learn when to take a step back and let go.

For the new year:

Learn about yourself. I have preached to a lot of people that "at least you're self-aware". While I think with age, we learn to deal with things about ourselves with more grace, we don't necessarily attempt to change them. So here's to learning about myself, by myself, and changing what I can.

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