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31 July 2013
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A surprisingly fast week, I felt like I finally started to really enjoy working. I've had more downs than ups with this internship but I really started to feel like I "fit" in this week. Nothing had really changed but I feel like I had my place within the team. I wasn't struggling to constantly prove myself and I didn't feel unmotivated either. I think I finally reached a happy medium.

Things that came to mind throughout the week:
• Working As an in-house designer actually requires more creativity. When I came into this internship, I had a good idea of what an in-house designer was and their relative day-to-day schedule. What I didn't know was the kind of work that they have to do as well as the amount of time, creativity, and motivation it takes to execute the projects. Usually in-house designers are working with set brands and products, which requires them to really stretch their imagination to create things that not only keep customers enticed and still fit the brand, but things to keep the designer himself/herself creatively satisfied. I've written about being creatively satisfied before, but I never really knew what that would look like in the context of an in-house designer working for a skincare company.

• To make a truly successful marketing team, everyone needs to have a similar vision or taste. Not to say that variety isn't valued, but in order for a product to be successful as well as modern, the marketing team needs to be able to make decisions that stick and are quick in nature.

• There needs to be a compmand to undo creating an outline for text in Illustrator. Past the Undo button, I need that to exist so I can figure out what the font is >.<

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