For Dan Boyarski

1 March 2017
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I created this for Dan Boyarski, one of my amazing professors I had a chance to take a class in my time at Carnegie Mellon University. Dan is officially retiring this year (he's been doing a phased retirement over the last couple years) and he will be sorely missed. Although I had a chance to only take one class with him (Time, Motion, and Communication), he left an impressionable impact on me. This small quiet filipino man not only changed the way I view motion, animation, and movies, but also the way the creative process works. In this class, I was able to tap into some "higher creative being" that I had never had a chance to. Although the stakes for the class were high (we all pushed each other to produce amazing work), I enjoyed working for 12 hour shifts on Sundays on the projects.


The quote was something I read on the syllabus on the very first day of class and has stuck with me since.

Had a chance to witness this amazing professor's retirement party (as part of his retirement "tour"). This small man has touched so many lives over the course of his 35 years at CMU. I am truly humbled and honored to have studied under him, albeit for a short time. He's taught us how to distill a forest into a leaf and exemplify what it means to change civilization. Having been in so many rooms over the last couple of months that are filled with uncertainty, negativity, and trepidation about our president, it was refreshing to be surrounded by the complete opposite for a couple hours. Thank You so much Dan for still continuing to give to your students. #circleoflife #love #missyoualready #retirementfromworknotlife #cmudesign

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