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6 months later, I’ve finally finished my first poly illustration. What started out as a low-poly illustration design exercise, started with the help of a  Skillshare class, turned into a long-winded high-poly (but still not perfect) personal design challenge.


  1. Choose a photograph.
  2. Draw triangles all over it in Photoshop. Larger triangles for low-poly and small triangles for more detail and high-poly.
  3. Pull it in to illustrator and vectorize all of the triangles.
  4. Make sure all the points align and there are no white spaces in between.
  5. Use “average” of the color for each “triangle real-estate” to color each final triangle.

Process Photos

Lessons learned:

  • Patience. Aligning the triangles in illustrator was the biggest headache. I broke it up into several sessions (thus the reason it took several months to complete).
  • Content creation. While I initially chose my face (I thought I’d be replacing / using it for branding), I regret not choosing a simpler object. With a face, it’s almost necessary to go into detail or it looks too abstract. If I had just chosen a vase with flowers, I think it would have been a more versatile exercise.
  • Triangles are pretty darn cool. Being forced to use only triangles for the illustration really brings you back to the basics.

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