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Reflections of 2013

Lessons learned: 1. You can’t make someone care. I don’t know how scientists and psychologists study motivation. 2. To each their own. This has been a personal mantra of mine over the last couple of months. I have come to realize that each person is different. Yes I know it’s not anything astounding, but when […]

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The Dribble Trickle

As the importance of design increases in the world and especially on a digital platform, the existence of sites such as Dribble and Behance also increases. While originally started to get feedback on designs and showcase work, these sites have become places of torture- both for the viewer and the designer posting their work. On […]

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Design School . . . what?

One of the main things that has struck me about CMU is their two-folded approach to both functionality (training designers professionally) and philosophy (helping designers design for “the good”). However, sometimes it seems like the jobs and internships that the students are pursuing aren’t exactly in line with what they’re saying. Although on that end, […]

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