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1. From Rang De Basanti:

Maine yeh do agle dino mein ek both kimthi sabak seeka hai: Zindagi hai jeen ke liye. Agar apko marne he hai, tho ache thara se maro. Kudkushi karne he hai, tho achethara se karo. Bhagat Singh ke jese karo. Mein bhali vo desh me pali bhari nahin ho ge, bhali mein vo desh ki dharti janti nahin hoi, lekin me vo he desh ke hoin. Zindagi hai jeene ke liye, or desh, jisne humko ethna diya hai, oske lei marne humara vachan hota hai. Zindagi hoi mere, lekin mera ke kismat mere pas nahin hai. Mere simidari hai ki me apni kismat ke sat jetna ho sake karo. Ye mera sabak tha.


In these past two days I’ve learned a very valuable lesson: Life is for living. If you really do want to die, don’t die fruitlessly. If you want to do suicide, then do it correctly. Do it like Bhagat Singh. Even though I’m not born and brought up in that country, even though I don’t know the country’s land very well, I am from that country. Life is for living and our country, that has already given us so much, it’s our duty to die for it as well. Life may be mine, but it is controlled by destiny. It is my responsibility that I should do as much as I can in the fate written out for me. That is what I have learned.

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