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– Reshma Shetty, Royal Pains

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Photo365: Day 35


July 11, 2011: I woke up alarmed this morning. I jumped out of bed as if there was a fire, but there wasn’t. It was an odd feeling, because the exhaustion set in after the adrenaline. At work, my intern failed to show up… again, and so I was with the camp kids all day. We had a field trip to the Dallas Arboretum which turned out to be a lot of fun (lots of pictures above). Despite the scorching heat, we did some sketching and had fun in the water. It was nice to get some down time to just admire and draw since it’s been crazy the last couple of weeks. After camp, I picked up some shortening (ugh lard) on my way home, and baked and iced my cake for my cake decorating class tomorrow.

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