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Photo365: Day 9

June 15, 2011: Sirens all around me! I just happened to get stuck in traffic in front of an ambulance which was definitely an experience I do not want to repeat. Once I got to work, a cute old couple showed up and wanted a tour. All was well until I opened the Ceramics/Clay Sculpture building and the alarm started going off. In a frenzy, I answered the call to disable the alarm and the siren seized after about five minutes. The rest of the day was spent taking care of some paperwork and cleaning. I stopped by Subzi Mandi on the way to pick up some chaat (which spilled in the car >.<). After changing at home, I headed to my Zumba class which only further exhausted me. I came home, showered, ate dinner (the picture above are the flowers I found on the dining room table), and enjoyed some fun family time playing UNO.

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