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When we were younger, Professional Development Day meant a holiday. At least in Plano, it was just an excuse not to have school. But we’ve grown up folks; it now actually applies to us!

1. Book of the Week

2. StrengthQuest

3. The Economist- 3D Printing

4. Johari Window

5. Maryland Institute College of Art– I actually got a chance to meet a rising junior from here. She was majoring in Graphic Design and working with the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization as a graphic designer [Rawr, it was the internship I initially wanted]. I’m excited to pick her brain the next time I see her.

6. The net worth of your network

7. Networking Action Map

Photo365: Day 2


June 7, 2011: In lieu of work today, I had to attend a Reception and Seminar sponsored by the Exxon Mobil Community Summer Jobs Program. It started off in the morning with a small reception and featured some amazing speakers. Some of which included the mayor of the city of Dallas, Dwaine Caraway, and Edwin Flores, a DISD trustee (but to say he was just a DISD would be a gross understatement). In the afternoon, we had some scrumptious lunch (catered by Two Sisters Catering) and had a Q & A with the CSJP (Community Summer Jobs Program) Alumni Panel. We rounded off the day with an excellent speaker. Dr. Carol Clyde from SMU led us in some activities about networking featuring business cards [getting to establish connections with people vs. just collecting business cards & writing on the backs of business cards to keep track of people]. She also heavily recommended the book Never Eat Alone, commenting on how it helped change her perspective about social networking. She gave out a few handouts and definitely gave some helpful tips that I will attempt to implement into my professional life.

Additional Recommendation of Dr. Clyde: Founding Fathers of Leadership

*ImageADay included in slideshow

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