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1. The Color Bar 2. Been thinking about the concept of change, and someone recommended this short blurb. Courtesy of OS 3. Donald Smith Graphic Design 4. Vectroave 5. Chris Hosmer Tape Illustrations Photo365: Day 17 * June 23, 2011: A whirlwind of a day. Instead of work today, I had to attend an ExxonMobil […]

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“Got it, get it, or get off”

-Diana Pollak 1. Rainmaker Advertising 2. My Fonts Photo365 Day 16 June 22, 2011: I spent the entire day in my own little world in the mosaic room today (pictured above). I had to take care of some paperwork regarding the upcoming fundraiser. Afterwards, I met with Courtney to update her on the status of […]

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Empty vessels make the most noise

1. Adam Dedman 2. Honest Tea 3. Postcup 4. Designspiration 5. Aesop’s Minimalist Collection Photo365: Day 14 June 20, 2011: First day of Jewelry camp! We had a surplus of kids today so I spent the morning running around and making sure I had all the paperwork on everyone and getting supplies. Once they settled in, it […]

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