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1. Due to my impending doom of taking the GRE, I will be suspending blogging with the exception of Photo365,  ImageADay, and Book of the Week. I will attempt to write articles and post other things but no promises will be made.

2. Book of the Week #2 [I’ve been ravenous for books lately]

Photo365: Day 6

June 11, 2011: A day for joyous celebration! We had a baby shower at my house today for one of my mom’s friends (thus the picture of the decorations). It was nice to get to see everyone after such a long time, enjoying margarita’s inside on a hot Saturday afternoon. I spent the majority of the day studying (after finally signing up for) my GRE and reading. I also learned a new Hindi phrase: “chateese ka akra” which roughly translates to dissatisfaction with the number 69. It is used to describe people for whom you can turn the number 6 (and 9) around and around and although they are exactly the same either way, the person is not satisfied.

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