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It was a hectic week filled with driving, dear ones, and DNA.

I drove to Houston early Saturday to spend the week prepping for VILD’s Submerged Opening Reception. Everything went well overall, with some hick ups throughout the week.

I was super excited to go to Houston just because I am utterly in love with the city. I’ve heard from many people that it’s quite odd that I love Houston to much. Partially because that’s where I went to college (past tense … wat), and partially because it was really my first chance in my life to live in a place where I had total freedom to venture out and explore. At first I used to think that Houston was exactly like Dallas with worse roads and more humidity, but upon living there Houston definitely has a lot more to offer. While I know Houston’s diversity (aka lack of zoning laws) turns some people off, I love the eclectic mix that is brought to the table. Everything is different and open to everyone. While many people might think of California in this way, I still think there is a certain snootiness to Cali that you don’t find in Houston.

After living in Houston for four years, growing up in Plano/Richardson for 11, and being brought up in Dubai for 7, I’ve found it really hard to find a place called home. While Dallas is considered my “home”, I found that in college it was really hard for me to consider my house in Plano home just because I was barely there 3 months out of the year. However at the same time, I didn’t have an apartment or house to my name in Houston. I definitely called it home, even though it meant staying at friends’ houses and/or in dorms at Rice.

It took me a couple days to readjust to living in Houston though (last summer it took me a month). It kind of surprised me because I just naturally assumed I would feel at home and everything would be good. But after some time readjusting and getting my barrings, I knew I loved where I was. I loved the freedom to do whatever I wanted to do and being by myself. Perhaps this is the kind of lifestyle I would like to have anywhere I live and it is what makes me fall in love with a city. Moving to Pittsburgh in less than a month is daunting, but it will be the same process of readjusting and exploring a city. Having lived in so many different places in the last couple of years, my mind has trouble defining what a “home” is. Then again, home is where the heart is. I don’t quite know where my heart is yet. Only time will tell.

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