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Interviewed Beth Comstock for #GEMM15 Periscope! #IndustrialInternet #gottagetaselfie

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Last day of #GEMM15. Trying to soak up all the knowledge. #IndustrialInternet A photo posted by Vinita Israni (@vinnyteee) on

A couple weeks ago, I had the chance to go to 4th annual Minds and Machines¬†(#firstcorporateconference), a showcase conference for General Electric (GE) to demo the new projects and technologies they have been working on for the last year. It’s a gathering place for external business, customers, and clients to see how they can do business with GE, especially with the introduction of the new industrial platform Predix.

While it is centered around software, most of the people in San Ramon don’t get to go. As a part of the UXLP (User Experience Leadership Program), I went in the capacity of a reporter alongside VaynerMedia¬†(an external company GE had hired to cover the event). I had a chance to interview the speakers, alongside three of my colleagues, in lives streams through Periscope. Working with a media company was an experience in and of itself as things were always changing to accomodate the schedules of the speakers, and there was constant flux according to what was going on during the conference.

Each day had a theme: Connected (day 1), Insights (day 2), and Optimized (day 3) and demos that corresponded to each. However, many of the projects were repeated through the three days to be able to highlight certain aspects and tell the story of the product through the process.

Many outside speakers were brought in from various companies such as Pixar, Maya Design, and many more. Many of the CXOs from companies that buy from GE were also brought in to give perspective as to how GE has stepped up its game.

One of the highlights for me during the conference was seeing a project that I worked on specifically for the Minds and Machines demo on display. I had the chance to work in GE Lighting on their demo for their outdoor lights as part of the initiative for Intelligent cities. The lights are already in pilot programs in San Diego, CA and Jacksonville, FL. My role on the project was to take the pre-existing software and technology and create a dashboard to be able to showcase the capabilities during the conference. The project ended up being more an exercise in facilitating the understanding of a vision rather than production but it was wonderful to see in the tech hall at the event!

As always there is always some logistical craziness during the conference, it seemed like it went pretty successfully! Deals were being made during the conference and GE stock was up this week!

The event was held at the Fort Mason Center in San Francisco, and since we were there until after sunset each day, we got to see the beautiful views!

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