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1. The Color Bar

2. Been thinking about the concept of change, and someone recommended this short blurb. Courtesy of OS

3. Donald Smith Graphic Design

4. Vectroave

5. Chris Hosmer Tape Illustrations

Photo365: Day 17


June 23, 2011: A whirlwind of a day. Instead of work today, I had to attend an ExxonMobil event for the Community Summer Jobs Program. We met up at Group Dynamix and had a team building day. It was an amazing experience and I’m so glad I got to experience something like it. The morning just consisted of some team building games (which I will definitely be incorporating for future board retreats) and we had lunch catered from Panera. After lunch we had a small networking session with certain administrative staff from the Volunteer Center of North Texas. After that we got to go on the rope obstacle course… in the air (you can see the course if you look closely in the picture). I went on the tightrope twice, and did various other courses. We had a harness on the entire time, although that didn’t exactly help my fear of heights. However, I’m glad that I challenged myself and completed all the obstacles that I wanted to. After the team building day, I had to go to a glass orientation back at the Creative Arts Center of Dallas. It was great to finally get a formal lesson about glass, got to see some amazing examples (see pictures above) and in the end we got some time to do our own experiments.

*ImageADay included in slideshow

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