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Photo365: Day 44

July 22, 2011: I woke up feeling very tired but happy that the GRE was over. Today was one of the most stressful days I’ve had at the CAC. There were too many things going on because it was a Camp MetalHead day, so I was expected to help out, but we also had a gallery reception that night for the UnseeenAmerica exhibition, which hadn’t even been hung. On top of that, the Metal Arts Camp MetalHead applications went out today for which I was supposed to design a logo for which I hadn’t gotten a chance to do because of my GRE. So between taking care of the kids, hanging up a gallery, and designing a logo, I also finished sending in some stuff for the clubs booklet for SAS. With everything done, I headed home a little late and went to a family friend’s house for a family dinner. Pictured above is a glass piece done by Sherry Mick at the CAC. It has not been fired yet, but it looks like it’s going to turn out amazing!

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