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1. A Grotesk Love Affair

2. Billelis

3. Spirit of Beauty by Serge Lutens

Photo365: Day 25


July 1, 2011: It was another slow day at work but we got some planning done regarding our volunteer day on July 13. On my way home from work, I got a haircut 🙂 I went out with friends to celebrate Melinda and my birthday at BJ’s Brewhouse. Emma, Kitty, and Diana showed up with cake balls from Haute Mama which were really good (pictured above). After dinner we headed over to Barnes & Nobles where I proceeded to read them The Giving Tree and Love You Forever like a mother. Not only did Melinda inspire me to start my own collection of books but also to backtrack and take a closer look at children’s books.

*ImageADay included in slideshow

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