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Photo365: Day 53

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August 1, 2011: I woke up relatively early and spent some time chit-chatting with Onkur’s mom. We had some amazing special order omelettes for breakfast and then headed out to Brookside. We spent some time at Shades of Brown, a local coffee hub of the area and found the most adorable and amazing cupcake shop by the name of Sweeties.  The cupcakes were amazing, and the owner used to work in publishing and graphic design but had no culinary training. The shop had only been open for a month, but I’m sure it will be a hit in the Tulsa scene. After Brookside, we came home for lunch (an amazing turkey three-bean salad). We headed out again to the Woodland Hills Mall in the afternoon. After an overdose of shopping we headed home for a short nap. We went over to Nikhil and Rohan’s house for dinner, some ping-pong madness, and a tad of karaoke.

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