“Crying is sweating through your eyes”

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-Pankaj Israni

1. Shadowness

2. Bullseye Glass – It’s the specific type of glass we use at the CAC

3. Bullseye Glass Basic Guide

4. Glass Weaving

5. Dichroic Glass

Photo365: Day 18


June 24, 2011: Audit day! I got in this morning and was in a huge rush because I had my audit at 10:30 and I wasn’t in the office yesterday to prepare for it. The audit lady came an hour early with her four-year old daughter who could not sit still. Everything worked out fine but it was still quite irksome and I was in a rush with frayed nerves. After a very long audit process, she left and I had lunch with Courtney and launched into a discussion about our expanding growth at the CAC. I took care of some paperwork before I went home and crashed. Above is a picture I took before I left of the owl I made in glass at the orientation yesterday. It took me forever to make the circles because I had to use the grinder (glass filer). I also included some pictures of the glass projects made from previous sessions.

*ImageADay included in slideshow

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