An Amalgamation

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  1. F-Stoppers iPhone Photography
  2. For those in Dallas: Pocket Sandwich Theatre
  3. Art Lecture: “Survival Does Not Lie in the Heavens” by Dario Robletto [February 15, 2011, Part of the Humanities Lecture Series]

Some notes:

  • Artists are fickle human beings that are strong enough to express their passing emotions
  • “Edge of believability but rooted in fact.”
  • “Can’t touch a material until I’ve earned its respect.”
  • “Each person has their own internal jukebox.”
  • “How can Art impact the world in some meaningful way?”
  • About the man who had been struck by lightning 7 times [Roy Sullivan]  “God couldn’t kill him but love did.”
  • “Can art finish something that cannot be finished.”
  • Lazarus species are skirting the outer edge of life
  • Cosmic call -> we emit light as well in the stars

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