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1. I’m behind on writing and will get to it soon

2. I’ve decided to start Photo365 today instead of June 29. Thus, there will now be an ImageADay + Photo365

3. Henderson Art Project

4. Sonia King

5. Some sites for buying artsy stuff

Photo365: Day 1

June 6, 2011: So I started work at the Creative Arts Center of Dallas today as an Exxon Mobil Intern. I left early from home, and with an hour drive, I still arrived before anyone else. Today was pretty much orientation day so I got to know where everything was. I’m the student director of Camp Metal Head (a summer camp for Jewelry and Metal Sculpture for talented teens that come from low-income neighborhoods). I made a few cold calls today to businesses asking for their support. I also got to reorganize the now-lovely bulletin board you see here. It was a crazy mess before I started (something along the lines of this?). I drove home (sigh, another hour) and then went to Zumba at the gym. It was a good workout and it was nice to see such a diverse sea of faces. I wish I took a picture of the lady in front of me because she definitely made it a memorable experience.

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