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Art Lecture by Frazer Ward [January 27, 2011 at the Glassell School of Art

Some Notes:

  • Douglas Crimp–  said that it is the end of painting
  • “Photography represents the afterlife” (since it captures a moment in time)
  • There is a certain veracity and mortality in photographs that cannot be mistaken
  • “Save the last dance, don’t forget who is taking you home.” > Michael Buble Save the Last Dance For Me
  • Daniel Buren
  • “The vampire is cursed to go through the history of representation”
  • One of the first representations: The Lost Boys
  • Vampires as an embodiment of capital
  • Vampires refusal to die much as they are not supposed to
  • “Dislocation in history”
  • Friends don’t let friends drink friends
  • The wanting of: submission? Rescue? Remaking?
  • Nihilistic patterns
  • There is a huge imprecision of decade markers in art
  • “Subject as fragmented and fluid, not self”
  • History vs. memory
  • A melancholic representation (of vampires through time)
  • Many parallels between the 80’s and the vampiric position
In the theme of vampires:

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